k20 / KISMET <-> OSC


k20 is a bridge between the wireless network detector kismet and the open sound control protocol. currently it consists of two programs: k2orec acts as a kismet client. it connects to a kismet server via tcp and logs the output to a textfile. the file consists of a time stamp and an osc-message per line. k2oplay reads this file and sends the messages to the specified osc-targets. k20 is written in c and only depends on liblo, the lightweight OSC implementation. k20 runs on macos x (see BUGS) and linux. other platforms are not tested. k20 is licenced under the gpl.

the software was developed for our JETZT SCHEMATA project, now known as s.o.u.p


run k2orec and redirect the standard output to a file. optionally you can specify the address of the kismet server on the command line using the -k option. run k2oplay with outputfile of k2orec as the first parameter followed by a variable list of osc-targets (i.e. osc.udp://localhost:12345). with the -p option you can specify an udp port on which k2oplay will listen for incomming osc-messages which let you control k20 remotely:


k20 is in early development state and it's far from complete. see BUGS and TODO list for more info. snapshots were not updated for a long time. instead look into svn repository for a recent version


current sourcecode is in subversion repository at http://znerol.ch/svn/k2o.